Kettering / Woodbridge

Has any actually found any gold in the “Little” oyster cove rivulet or near the outcrop marked on the MRT map near Woodbridge?
I’ve done a little bit of investigating there seems more like legend a than actual deposits.

Dunno about that one but I’m pretty sure that there’s plenty of gold occurrences marked on the MRT map around Beaconsfield and Lefroy that never produced any gold. Salted claims, barren prospects and dummy mines to explain where gold stolen from the large mines and batteries came from were common in the late 1800s.


Yes, there is gold in Little Oyster Cove rivulet (NOT Oyster Cove Rivulet), but you have to be near the outcrops of syenite porphyry that are up in the hills. I used to live in Woodbridge and had a couple of friends with properties in the area, so I did some investigating.

There were never significant workings in this area, it is only noteworthy as an occurrence. The occurrences are all inside private property. I once found a tiny speck behind the church near sea level, but I had to do a ton of work for a bit you couldn’t even see without a magnifying glass. Near the outcrops you can get occasional flyspeck sized bits.

The Cygnet/Lymington occurrences that are tied to the same geological event were way more productive, and have had active workings in the early 20th century. They are mostly inside private property also, except for a short stretch of Forsters Rivulet in Lymington, and some foreshore occurrences in the Petcheys Bay and Wheatleys Bay areas.

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Yeah I’ve found a couple of small specs in the “Little” Oyster Cove rivulet up a bit further from the church was thinking of trying out in the bay at a very low tide, but the sand / mud look possibly too deep to access.

I’ve had some success SW of Cygnet on the coast which has been encouraging, had a 13 spec single pan last time was there.

Was interested to see if there was any a bit closer to Hobart and if the MRT marker on the coast at Woodbridge was just myth and Legend?, I’ll probably be doing a little bit of work down there to check it out.

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I think it was a probability not in the creek but on landowners but all the owners would not let them on their property so the mining company thought not worth the hassle. Nicholls Rivulet was suppose to have shown some, but again not pursued not enough.

I done few pans on Nicholls rivulet one tiny dot… I might try woodbridge on low tide one day… just in case… :smile:

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