Lefroy road trip

Gday, the wife and I finally have a day to ourselves and we have always wanted to go to Lefroy as we have never been there, we are heading there tomorrow, and we are hoping to find a spot to do some panning and maybe some metal detecting, we both have our prospecting licenses is there any areas where we can freely prospect and if so what areas would you recommend, please and thank you?

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Hi Rickie,
Only just read your post, so not sure if your day out has come and gone?!

Lefroy township still has a small population living there, so 1st advice is to stay well away from any private property.

There is a fair area of state forest that straddles the Bridport road, with old workings either side.
There are many OPEN shafts, so don’t step where you can’t see!
Your licence does allow for prospecting in state forest, however technically you need to check and get written permission from any lease/licence holders ie: Mineral Exploration Licences (EL’s).
You can find this information on the MRT website.
The ground around Lefroy is currently under an EL held by Staveley/ Nubian Resources.

Research is time well spent in this game.

However, all this can take the gloss off what should be a fun day out with the missus!

One suggestion is to book in the 10-11th of Feb, and come to Back Creek. The details are on this forum. You’ll most likely find gold, meet some great people and get advice on panning & detecting in general.
Hope to see you both there!


I live just out of Lefroy, be happy to show you around some of the old mining areas if your back here some time. Just send me a PM a week or so before as I work odd hours.