Looking to meet up with fellow prospectors and hopefully get some tips on my 6000

Just purchased a GPX6000
Hoping to get some practice in the NW in the next few months. Looking to join up with others to learn the machine. I also have the 5000 but will keep hold of that for a while yet.


You wont regret it, research youtube some good tips on there about settings, i run mine on level 3 or 4 manual and threshold on all the time.


Thanks Nigel.
It would be good to catch up with a few more from this group.
Heading to WA in 6 months.

What date you heading over.??

There is 7 people going over to wa and doing a pirates gold tour from the club.

I was invited to go but couldn’t make that one in May/June.
I’m booked in to the tour in August. I’ll be there late July to end of August around the region.

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Yeah I agree with Nigel, they are an amazing machine for pinging small gold targets however their heightened sensitivity which is unreal on tiny gold can also become a bit painful at times. The machine can sporadically become very chatty with no apparent EMI source and can also be overly reactive on mineralised soils which previous GPX’s can tolerate. The hardware update has improved the internal speaker feedback issue but maybe a software firmware update could improve the overall stability of the machine. I shouldn’t complain really as it may be the price we have to pay for a machine this sensitive and when it’s running well it’s a bloody good thing and can find gold missed with earlier machines. Also after spending a bit of time spent with the 6 it becomes easier to differentiate between ground noise and interference and a decent target signal.


Thanks for the information.
I think I’ll be using the 5 and 6 for a while.
How do I know if the 6 has had the hardware update?

Im lead to believe if it’s an earlier released 6000 it will need the update but if you purchased it brand new say within the last 2 months it should be done from factory. I think you can call Minelab and check via the machines serial number if there’s any doubt. The update only affects use of the machine when using the internal speaker too. It could feedback on itself and get stuck in a loop making it noisier that normal. If you only use the standard headphones or Bluetooth ear buds I don’t think it will do much.

On another note are any of you blokes heading to WA looking for a Minelab 17 inch elliptical coil for the 6. I bought one and literally tried it out once for about 20 minutes when I was thinking about doing a trip myself until circumstances changed. Will set it for $350 if anyone’s interested send me a message.


You have got quite a selection of coils by now, got your nugget finder yet.

I Do have a few Nige. Trouble is you can only swing 1 at a time. I still haven’t gotten the nugget finder I ordered the Sadie sized one. Should be good. Have you got one ordered.

Where have you guys ordered your NF Exceed coils from? I’ve looked at the usuals but no stock.

Only just come out, still filling back orders i think and should be available next few weeks or so, im going to get one to take to wa.

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I’ll get one ordered soon.