Mercury use in Tasmania

G’day All
I understand MRT will be soon banning the use of Mercury.
I don’t know of anyone who still uses it?
If you do, please contact me.

Ron Gregory


Still using plenty in my teeth !!! :grinning:

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Yep, got a fair bit in my teeth and a few thermometers in the house. Apparently alcohol thermometers don’t even come close in accuracy.

I wouldn’t think anyone uses it any more, at least not recreationally. It was only really ever used for stampers, wasn’t it?

It was definitely used a fair bit in the past: the gold from Cradle Creek can be stained silver from a surface coating of mercury, and if you leave it exposed to the air for a few weeks it turns to gold again. Needless to say this is more safely done outside.


There’s got to be kilos of the stuff left in middle arm below the old Beaconsfield battery. Quite a bit of gold too but I gave up panning there as most it is amalgam and not worth the risk extracting it.