More Recent Finds

Hi all,
Liza and I made the most of a sunny winters day and followed up on an old farm site.
Found landowner and got permission, lots of junk but some treasures in the mix!
1st ever token was highlight :smiley:


Nice token mate
My favorite coin👍


Nice old token Drystone and a powder flask and old coin.

I also went out last week on a nice day. The ground is damp and excellent for detecting. I found my second token and a 3 coin spill of 1862 to 1877 Brit penny’s. They were all close together in a big paddock.

The Token has: R. Andrew Mather Family Draper &c Hobart Town on the front and Tasmania on the back.


Thanks Karl, looks like both were blessed by the detector gods :grinning:
A Token and 1877 Brit penny each!
Nice finds, and yes the ground is good for digging at present.

Some recent finds. A 1 oz gold weight, 1880 shilling and another drapers token from Hobart.

I like the emu and kangaroo design from 1855. It’s not a coat of arms because it’s 50 years before Federation. They are standing in grass and the emu seems way too small. Another PMAT member has the same design on a token from Westbury. Some 1 penny tokens had generic designs. This is copper and made in England. They must be the closest thing to a Tasmanian coin.


Great find there Karl
I was lucky enough to find 11 tokens on one day at an old house site on our farm a couple of years back
They are a real snapshot of life in Tasmania at the time with the different Tasmanian businesses having their own coinage minted


Hi Wilsonag, 11 tokens in one day is a Tasmanian record that won’t be broken for a long time I recon :slight_smile:

I saw this today and you and the PMAT crew will definitely be interested.

A link to the story about 800 gold coins found in a corn field in Kentucky.
Whoever buried the coins never came back to get it. He may have been killed in the American Civil War.

Note. They are not saying if these coins were found with a metal detector. Also it would be good if the forum links opened in a new tab.


I agree with your “note”. For a hall like that it would have been in some kind of box / chest. Probably timber. It wouldn’t have been just 6 inches down either. Not many Detectorists dig holes with a big enough radius to accommodate a chest and several feet down.
It was probably found accidentally while with an excavator.


Hey Karl,
more great finds you have there and as you point out, the different tokens both have the same date and design on the one side.

Presumably made by the same company in Birmingham, England.

Yes, the idea of a “Tassie Coin” is appealing.

1855 must be an interesting point in Tassie history too: the fledgling colony starting to consolidate itself and gain identity ( ie no longer Van Diemans Land, but “Tasmania” ).

Convict transportation had just ended, victorian goldrush beginning etc

A place where even convicts like Thomas White (& his troublesome convict wife) could make a fresh start and turn their lives around.

… and all this from wandering around a paddock with the magic wand :smile:

cheers all


I saw it on Detector Prospector forum, just from memory I think he was detecting. It would problamatic if it was found in Australia, technically I think it would belong to the government. I for one wouldn’t be posting a find like that. Amazing find !


I found another photo of the Kentucky Coin Hoard this time showing the $10 and $20 coins.

There was remnants of fabric found with the coins, they were probably in sacks or bags. The guy who found them is saying they were on his own land. That’s over $1million that he doesn’t have to share with somebody else.

The 11 tokens Wilsonag found reminded me that old timers used to put copper coins into gardens as anti-fungal agents for leaf curl.Tokens ended-up with no value after they were banned and were pure copper. Maybe they were scattered into a garden?

Apparently the entire payroll (in silver coins) for the colony of Tasmania was stolen and lost between George Town and Weymouth. :wink: They were lost along the coastline.


I found another token last weekend at a old farmhouse site next door to where I found the 11 others I will try and post the photo of it
That’s 16 tokens I’ve found in my local area so a bit of a hotspot for them


Another nice token there :slight_smile:
I just bought a book called Coins and Tokens of Tasmania 1803-1910.. I paid less than the ad on that page.