My best outing yet

I had a detect on the West cost during the week and had my best result yet a total of 9 coins including my first penny and my first predecimal silver


Great work Indi :slightly_smiling_face:
Any predecimal is good in my book and a silver as well!
I have had a drought with regards to silvers: must recheck my settings to make sure I havent accidentally blanked them out…
Enjoy the hunt ( and always get permission on private land)

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thanks was good to actually find something before this trip i only found three coins all up

Always good to crack a couple of firsts and always good finding silvers . Well done .

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The small ones are harder of course.
Of all the hundreds of pre-decimals I found, I only found 1 threepence. I guess they were right at the limit of sensitivity of my ancient machine.
Anyone found any of the round 50c coins? I only found one.

Round 50’s are one of those bucket lister finds . I found one on a beach a year ago but it took 7 years to happen , not holding my breath until the next one !

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