My first cricket buckle

I thought I would sneak this in between field trips :slight_smile:
I found them last month. The buckle is on page 617 of the Australian Cricket Buckle Book

Does anyone recognise this item? Not a reins guide it looks more mechanical.


Well done on the buckle mate still trying to find one :smiley:

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Ripper Karl , and in great nick too ! That first one is a buzz not far off a gold coin . Keep on hunting mate .


Nice comments guys. I wanted to keep the forum free until the Heazlewood field trip was done.

Australia reaches an all time high gold value.

I saw that in the Kalgoorlie Miner today so if you’ve got gold it’s worth more than it’s ever been worth :slight_smile:
In a nutshell, the more banks go under the higher the gold price will go.
The media are very careful in how they handle this. They don’t want Aussie banks to go down for good reason.
What is really happening is when there is a rush on the banks the banks don’t have the cash to pay the depositors even though it is their money. They haven’t got it because of ‘fractional reserve banking’ where they only need to hold a fraction of what has been deposited. Not sure what the fraction even is but the other huge problem is massive global debt. Nobody is ever going to see these debts paid in their lifetimes. It’s like a lead weight belt on a diver. Private bank accounts in Australia are protected by the Federal gov but the feds already have a trillion dollar debt. Good luck with that.

When gov debt hits very high levels your taxes go to paying interest and not paying the loans - thats why we had low interest rates for so long. Then most World governments started printing money during the pandemic. Something had to give so mortgage rates went up.
To all you gold hunters in Tassie - keep looking because now is the time to have gold, not money in the bank :slight_smile:


On track to hit $3000 AUD an oz very soon by the look of things which is pretty amazing. I definitely wouldn’t mind holding a bit more of it. Might be time to give up the dreaded 9 to 5 and take up gold prospecting full time I reckon. Not sure if the misses would allow it somehow :joy:


Over $3000 now. Nice