New Fossicking Guide from MRT

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Thanks @rgprospecting for sending me a link, and some of you might have seen it in the news.

MRT have just released a new, updated edition of the Fossicking Guide. I haven’t had a lot of time to digest it yet, but It looks like them mostly bringing the old guide up to date, and they have re-included Tunnel Marsh, which is nice.


Thanks for that! Just had a quick look, and it seems they forgot to add the text overlay for the western Closed half of the Penguin area.

MRT map…

New booklet just looks like it has two accessible sections…

Just something to be aware of, if you’re relying on the .pdf alone.


Thanks @rgprospecting and Miguel for a link to this. Not that many sites but there is always somewhere I was meaning to visit. Anything by Ralph Bottrill is well done.

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The access across the rail lines and through the replanted conservation area is closed, but does that mean that the beachfront of Piggery Bay is closed. I see a lot of people ignoring the sign and continuing to access the beach for sea glass.

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Not sure if sea glass is a mineral, so it would probably be quite legal to pick up 'rubbish ’ sea glass anywhere along the coast.


It isn’t whether sea glass is a mineral or not DH, it was more about people ignoring the “No Access” signs and pissing off the people who already have a gripe about fossickers of any stripe. I was wondering if the sea glass collection site, which is a part of the fossicking area is actually closed, to everyone.


Ok, no worries. It’s possible that Tas Rail or the council don’t want people using that particular point of access for safety reasons. Hopefully those with gripes know the differences between fossicking and beachcombing.


My guess is that there is a safety issue there, perhaps the bank down to the beach is crumbling.

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