New Minelab Survey on Recreational Prospecting

Hi Everyone,

Some of you may have already seen this elsewhere. Minelab are doing a second survey on recreational and professional prospecting in Australia. This is a follow-up to the survey they did last year to help them understand the economic and social contribution that prospectig has in Australia.

It would be really helpful if as many of you who go prospecting can take the time to complete it. It will only take a few minutes, and Minelab have been happy to share the results of their previous survey with us. Whis helps us a lot when we can point to solid data on our contributions to the economy when we lobby for a better deal for prospectors.

The survey closes this Friday 23rd.

Your survey responses will remain confidential as BDO and Action Market Research will collate, analyse, interpret and report on the data ensuring that Minelab Electronics only see the aggregated and not individual responses.

You can register your interest by clicking here, and they will send you a personalised link to the survey.

See you all at Back Creek on Saturday!



Done this a week or to ago pretty sure if you have got a detector and warranty with it they should have sent you a link via email if not jump on that like

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