New to site& metal detecting

Hi all
After picking up a surface penny on the Oodnadatta track and much u tubing I have finally bought a detector being an Equinox 800. Having had it a fortnight with pure luck I have managed to find a sterling silver ear ring which is Art Deco and a variety of 1 & 2 cent pieces.
I have just got permission for a retired sports ground that has over 100 years of history. I am going to spend a couple of hours there tomorrow and revisit on Boxing Day. I think I may have learnt a couple of things and hopefully will dig a little less rubbish.
I will keep you posted
Happy digging


That’s awesome good luck have fun

The Equinox has become the dominant detector for relic hunting in the US. A real Aussie success story. Many of the high profile YouTubers are using them. I got good ideas from the Coffee Bush Kid in Central Vic.

Lately I’ve been using gold mode 1 and finding some coins with that. There are always settings I’ve never thought of. The Coffee Bush Kid (he’s actually an old guy) was recently detecting a rubbish dump with everything cancelled out except 21 and 22. I haven’t tried that.

The only other advice I’ve got is wear snake gaiters in summer in Tas. Get heavy duty canvas ones not the crap mountaineering ones I got on eBay :slight_smile:

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Appreciate the advice, still learning the very basics at the minute.
Found the remains of an old fob watch that according to Google was made between 1880 and 1890.
Also went and had a chat to a farmer and he has 3 old house sites on his property from the early 1900’s which he gave me permission to detect
Exciting times


Welcome mate
It’s a very addictive hobby and a very enjoyable one👍

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