Nugget from near Ballarat

Anyone know more about this?

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Nothing, except that almost every relative I have has
sent me a link to this news from one source or another.

They can’t seem to see why I haven’t found one like it!
Neither can I! Sob.


I wonder how many of simmilar or larger have been found and not reported?

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Well guys, we are in WA heading out to a place known as Duketon. Let’s hope we can find one just like that!
But don’t hold your breath. :wink:

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Hi there Miguel and friends. I wanted to know how to contact the lucky one as it is a ‘Golden’ opportunity to get his opinion as to the Vic plans for rezoning. I guess the first step would be the paper with the rights to the story and then get this man’s opinion as to Victoria’s plan to lock him and others out due to rezoning those gold bearing areas. That would be good timing and would get lots of feedback from angry retirees. Good pictures in Sat Herald Sun. OK Cheers Phil