Numbers for the Manticore

Here are some numbers for the new Manticore.
Great thanks go to Howard for the use of his treasure trove of coins.
Farthing Bronze after 1860 38
Copper before 1860 80

Halfpenny Bronze after 1860 52/53
Copper before 1860 86

Penny Bronze after 1860 70
Copper before 1860 91

Threepence before 1945 65
After 1945 40

Sixpence before 1945 77
after 1945 54

Shilling before 1945 90
after 1945 70

Florin before 1945 94
after 1945 80

1/2 crown (British) 92
1/2 Sovereign 38 (Gold)

1 cent 66/67
2 cent Dont have any
5c 18
10c 27/28
20c 40
50c Round… Don’t have any
Dodectrahedral 46/47
$1 72.73
$2 61/62

Chinese brass coin 54/55

That’s it! Please if an;yone can help and fill in some more, please do so. Or reorganize it into a neat printable chart to plastify woud be great as well!!


Gday Warren , tested a few targets with mine . Done on lawn , not air test . For ring hunters , note the low V.D.I. when band is broken .


Some coins .


Hi Guys, thanks for getting the numbers for this machine. The range reminds me of the Garrett AT series. I recon the relationship between metals and alloys doesn’t change but the way different machines read them does.
I notice Minelab has put out an Equinox 900. The difference to the 800 and 600 is the sensitivity goes up to 28 and the machine is lighter and telescopes down to a handy pack for traveling. Eventually the 800 will show-up on auction sites and be affordable for the newcomer :slight_smile:


This is a good comparison video for the Manticore v Equinox 900.

Result- the Manticore is worth the extra $500 due to the graphical 2d depth display. This shows where objects are located underground. I don’t know of any other detector that has this.

A Manticore is a legendary creature.


A useful video, thanks Karl :+1:

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Both great detectors. I reckon it just comes down to what best fits your budget. I got the 900. Had it for about 6 months. Really getting the hang of it now and very happy with it.