Old bottle from the goldfields

Dug an accordion reed, suspender clip, pair of doorknobs and an old bottle at a goldfields site. The bottle is marked ‘Davis Vegetable Painkiller’. The ‘all natural’ concoction was a mixture of opium and ethyl alcohol and was regarded as a ‘wonder drug’ when it was released in 1845.
It could be used ‘internally and externally’ and treated just about everything.



Opium and alcohol: no wonder it was a miracle cure! lol!
And by calling it “vegetable pain killer” even the mums of today would think its good innocent:
A fun find, well done

‘Joy to the world’ :joy: I bet you would feel like you’re flying around with angels after a couple of bottles of that!

Could do with a bottle of that wonder medicine as i struggle with Influenza A ! I wonder how many people became addicts back in the day ? Always good to find a bottle , bottle hunters , forestry operations and further mining have broken most i find .

Thanks for the comments guys and it’s pity you’ve got the flu curt. Hope you get back to feeling OK soon. I was told bottle collecting became very popular a few decades ago with people using bulldozers to recover bottles.
The Davis story is here.
He became wealthy when the government took over manufacturing his product during the American Civil War. It worked just as well on horses apparently.
You never know what the hobby turns up do you. For me it’s been nothing lately :slight_smile:


Thanks for the very interesting link . It’s a great story .