Old queen vic medalion

Went to try my new gpx6000 out in a known gold area with my 2 boys and Louis 10yo found a queen Vic medallion 1887 and I found a button on the edge of an old shaft, and the usual shotgun pellets, nice detector and so light.


Not what you were expecting perhaps, but good finds nevertheless :+1:


No gold but the medallion is a good second prize . It’s not one i have seen before . Looks to be a swan rhs of the shield so may be something to do with W.A.

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Hi Nigel,
By coincidence I found one of these today. I was on a leased crown land permission and was doing OK until I realized I had the equinox back light on and it had drained the battery. I turned it off for awhile and swapped over to a 6" coil and got another 45 minutes out of it before I called it quits.

You read the date right it’s 1887.


That ones in better Nick, 2 found in a week, wonder how many they made.

What a coincidence ! Have never seen one on a forum and then there’s two . No swan either , and identity solved .


This one came from Lefroy last year.


I’m glad you also found one Dave. :+1: Looks like they were made by Stokes and issued by Launceston City Council to commemorate the 50th jubilee (gold) of Queen Vic. I recon they are not as common as the 60th jubilee (diamond) medallions from 1897.

This one from Museums Victoria has the Launceston Tasmania at the bottom and the wrong coronation date and wrong ‘Proclaimed Empress of India’ date. The ones Dave and I found fixed those die errors. Apparently anything with die errors makes it more valuable.

Thanks for posting this topic Nigel. I hope you find some actual gold :pick:


And then there were three ! You win Dave , yours is in very nice condition . Oh well , now i have another item to put on my finds wish list !


Another coincidence. I saw an ad for two Launceston Tasmania medallions from 1887 that were different. I checked the photos and sure enough one had the wrong dates so I bought them. They were not expensive.

The one on the right has the wrong date for the year Queen Vic was crowned (1828 should be 1838) and the wrong year she was proclaimed Empress of India (1887 should be 1877). This is pretty hard to spot so it’s no wonder they didn’t realize.

It means Launceston Council released a jubilee medallion of Queen Victoria’s crowning but got the year of her crowning wrong. After 134 years that’s still funny. :slight_smile:


Great pickup! Fun detective work spotting errors in historical items :grin:
Potential $$ value too?