Overpriced Tasmanian Prospecting licences

I was just looking at Victorian Miner’s Rights and they currently (3-June-2019) cost $24.20, and last 10 years.

Western Australian Miner’s rights are still $25 and last for life.

By comparison Tasmanian Prospecting Licences currently cost $31.60 for ONE year, up to $158 for FIVE years.

Am I the only one that finds this totally ridiculous? Let alone the starting cost being insanely expensive, but the 5-year licence, which costs MRT one fifth as much to process than having to renew licences every year, costs exactly FIVE TIMES what a one-year licence does.


Makes me think somehow of the roadside revenue devices on most highways 100m from speed change signs. Ker-ching!

Yes Miguel , totally ridiculous , a ripoff and various other terms come to mind . Will they change though ? Doubt it , their snouts are in the trough .