Panned a bucket off round hill

These guys showed up in my pan over the weekend have no idea if it is Silver or lead dose anyone have any idea

I don’t know. Could be a sulphide, maybe galena. I think Round Hill is on the Oonah formation, and I think that formation carries lead on the west coast.

Otherwise it looks also a bit like cassiterite (tin), but I have no clue where it might have come from.

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Yeah right you have gave me a few new things to look up thanks Miguel. I had a quick fish at the top of lake Barrington at the bridge below the cethana dam wall. There is a creek I got a bucket full and panned it off at home. I looked up the round Hill mine and it only told me they got gold, lead silver. I will bring with me to the next PMAT meet and give you a closer look

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I found an interesting test - lead will leave a mark on white paper and silver will not.
I can recommend a ‘PuriTEST’ pack that has a silver test solution. Also tests for 10K to 22K gold and platinum. I scratch a black stone and put a single drop of acid onto it.
I got one on ebay and they last for years.


Thanks Karl no more guessing now thanks to your paper test I sat there and done a drawing with all three specimens haha cool its lead from way back thanks for the simple test mate :beers::beers::grin: