Permission dig: at home lol

Hi all,
Wife and I trying to learn more about the e-trac, so after watching a few youtube vids decided to go around our old cottage (yet again!) using 2-tone ferrous setting and yep, another predecimal pops up!
Good fun relic hunting: you never know whats down there!


Good idea starting on your own ground. The e-trac looks like the old x-terras but is obviously more advanced. The combination of advanced tech and simplicity of use is what a lot of people want.

I use an equinox but lately it seems I’m not on the right frequency.
I recon the problem is me. I can easily forget what some setting does and can’t decide what I want to hunt.
I found some ID charts here that may apply to the e-trac?
Looks like 5cents come up the same as ring pulls which is why people never seem to dig them. Who ever got rich on 5cent coins anyway?

Thanks Karl,
Yes the e-trac has been superceded by the CTX3030 and now the Equinox it seems but still a very capable unit which we are only just starting to get the hang of!
It has both visual and audio cues as to the target composition and depth and we’re currently exploring sime discrimination settings to help pluck those coins out from the endless sea of rusty iron…
Most of our detecting is old house sites, not beaches or parks.
Persevere with your Nox: I’ve only heard good things: there are some informative Youtube clips out there.
See you at the AGM, if not before :slightly_smiling_face: