PMAT trip requests

Do you have somewhere you’d like PMAT to have a field trip to? Let us know in this thread. A place to host a PMAT field trip has some requirements:

  • We have or can get (or don’t need) permission to be there
  • It can accommodate 20–40 people.
  • There is a reasonable chance that attendees will find something they can keep

Some previous places we’ve visited include:

  • Back Creek
  • Lefroy
  • Lisle
  • Gladstone
  • Moorina
  • Main Creek
  • Lune River
  • Doctors Rocks
  • Penguin
  • Corinna
  • Queenstown

Let us know your suggestions!

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Trip Suggestion:

Club trip for later in the year to Hellyer river. At the camp grounds by the bridge which also has toilets near by. I do know there is a chain into the camp grounds but that could be followed up on.

I do know and have seen a few videos regarding these grounds which are good for gold.

Anyway just a suggestion.


Thanks mate,

The next four trips were set at the last meet: Weldborough in late Oct, Bell Creek in late Nov, Heazlewood River for the AGM and Back Creek in early autumn. Might be a good one for next year once the weather starts to warm up.

As a follow-up, if anyone is looking for this information, I have put placeholders on the trip dates in the PMAT website:


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