PMAT West Aussie Trip

Hi All. i notice there has been not much feedback from the trip to the Pilbara so here goes !

Fox ,myself and later joined by AH and Craig and Ron W. teamed up with Lindsay ,Phil,Kevin and Peter. we worked not far from town and all in all had a great time , detecting in different directions daily and sitting by the fire out bush evenings for a show and tell and a few beverages :grin:. needless to say everyone got their share of the yellow stuff ! the pic is what i managed to score myself ! the larger piece is 24grams , many speccies with about 20grams attached. the rest you can guess for yourselves :wink: i wont elaborate on what each got as thats their stories and AMAZING STORIES they are. i would like to thank Ron Gregory for sending his 6000 up for me to try. thkx Ron. i find the 6000 to be a very good lightweight detector and very impressed by its sensitivity on small gold at depth.! it will also find larger gold deep :+1:.Great Machine but does have some teething issues. All in all a terrific trip away . cheers everyone.


Please note We detected in the Pilbara for about 6 Weeks total.:blush:


Gret job, sounds like you guys have had a really good time and a successful trip. Looking forward to seeing you guys again back in Tassie and checking out the spoils!


awsome guys thats a good reward ,nice to know its still out there.

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This years wet season was massive in the Pilbara and took out the Fitzroy Crossing bridge. Looks like it washed out a fair bit of gold as well. A lot of the gold reminds me of ‘corn flakes’, but they add-up :slight_smile:


Glad you all had a great trip and I look forward to hearing all about it at our next catch up / PMAT get together


Had an awesome trip to the Pilbara W A, great company, good scenery plus a bit of yellow stuff. The new 6000 proved to be a real game changer. Here’s a few photos


Some more photos of our recent Pilbara trip

Some special memories there - looking forward to doing it again next year.

        Cheers, Fox 🦊

Well done Howard, you got some nice gold and took some good pictures :+1:

Bet you are glad you brought the 6000, paid for its self already, well done howard

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