Prospect-a-bus ex Military... a bit of overkill 😁

I regularly check Pickles Auctions in Hobart to see what’s coming up… and I’ve been keeping half an eye out for a proper prospecting vehicle to take to WA in a couple of years.

I came across this… total overkill but wow:

Low kilometers, too. How much fuel would that monster use?


She probably like a drink or to :joy::joy:. Look like a weapon

Reckon it be good hunting and Bush bus

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Probably use about as much fuel as one of these!

But you could fit a fair load of gold in the back.


Only 81,000Ks on an ex-military vehicle? Could be good to see how the auction goes.


Think they have Isuzu engine: should be a solid reliable donk although dont expect performance :wink: If my truck is anything to go by, it willbe ok on fuel.
Aircon? Hah, for wimps. Comfort ditto. Go places: hell yeah!