Ready to go public?

How’s the forum working out for everyone?

Any opposition to going public and linking from the PMAT website?



I’m all for it. Should be interesting to see how many ‘visitors’ we get.

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Why not ! Reckon there will be plenty of visitors looking for certain info though . Some sections that include info about gold results maybe should only be visible to members . We don’t want to cause trouble for great supporters like Ron .


Yes, I say go public as it looks to be working well now, will it take much effort to maintain?
Thanks Miguel,

Not at the current rate. If it gets a bit more active, we’ll see.

At this stage, I’ll plan to open it up this weekend.

I’ll move Warren’s Back Creek nugget post to the PMAT section rather than the Showoff Corner. This is the only one I can see that might be an issue.

I agree. Keep it away from the public section so Ron gets no unwanted visitors.

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Yep sounds good too me
Theres becoming a real interest in fossicking etc

Thanks Andrew,

I just had a chance to sit down and do a few things:

  • The forum is now visible to the public
  • Anyone can sign up but new members have to be approved by moderators
  • I’ve re-done the branding slightly, and changed to Prospecting Tasmania (I still haven’t heard from Philski about naming, etc)
  • I have added a link to the forum from our home page

Thanks for your time and efforts Miguel .