Recent burn at Lefroy

I ran into some PMAT members in Lefroy today who mentioned that it felt like a PMAT field trip last Monday after the fire :grin:

Any way, did anyone find any gold?

Here’s a small one for today: 1.6 g


Was that found in lefroy

Yes, this morning. In a small area of old alluvial workings.

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A nice picker Miguel. There were some of us there last Monday on the public holiday. The tracks are muddy and its easy to get bogged on the newly bulldozed tracks. I was looking for relics but didn’t do as well as the other guys on the day.

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Sure is nice being able to swing a detector instead of holding it above your head half the time.


Nice well done miguel

Well done Miguel , reckon you could find gold just about anywhere ! So no more for the rest of the day ? Son and i had a look further up the hill and he picked up a penny and 3d .

Had a look around Lefroy last weekend. My mate scored this nice specie on the slopes with his equinox…


VERY nice !!! Congrats to your mate . Will you take him again !