Saɓbath Creek site

Hi Folks,
Visited Sabbath on Sunday to spend a quiet energetic day exploring the diggings in perfect winter weather.
I thought I would bring to members attention the rubbish left by prospectors. If they can carry it in why not take it out and leave no trace. Plastic food wrappers, cans, beer cans, clothing and remenants of camps, tarpaulins etc.
I did come home with a green suction pump that worked perfectly, the size of a bike pump. Could be quite old.
Thanks to Andrew who has the exploration lease the track has been effectly blocked with chain and stumps so vehicles cannot access.

John v


I went in via the button grass Crk. A new toothbrush was about the only new piece of rubbish. Every time there, I walk out with a bit of the rubbish.
There is a group of repeat offenders who frequently leave cans of passionfruit soft drink about the place


Hi Warren,
Yes that section seems quite free of rubbish apart from some abandoned dredging equipment further up. I didnt go there this last trip. It was a bit scratchy trying to find much colour there. The place seems well worked over but I do enjoy the bush atmosphere there

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Poor ole Sabbath,its had some major rubbish ferals problems over the years,as i have the EL7 over it pls keep me informed,ive recorded the rubbish over the years,so im not held responsible,initially i contacted mrt,they have said just record everthing, ,it was quite funny in the end,mrt sent me to parks parks said it was a police matter ,police said no it mines or parks matter etc etc etc,if anyone doe have any trouble with individuals down get photos, an cotact the waratah police,they were quit good to deal with an understanding regards andrew 0400623451