Saturday's Weldborough trip - weather

Hi everyone,

The weather is looking pretty crap for Saturday at the moment. How would people feel about pushing the trip to Sunday, when the forecast is for no rain?

I’m looking at the Bureau site and it says

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Ok by me. I’ll probably head down Saturday and jump in a creek in my wetsuit, I always fall in anyway so a bit of rain won’t make much difference! Have to work Monday but can stay for most of Sunday.


I’m planning to be there both days so no difference to me.

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I’m going down Friday arvo

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G’Day All
Howard informs me he will be there Saturday whatever the weather.
Ron has to meet a Driller at Branxholm at Noon Saturday, but will come to Mutual for meeting at 9am.
I understand Jason is heading up on Thursday.


Ok, I’ll be there from tomorrow (Friday) evening till Sunday afternoon.

We are going across today with 120km/h winds on our tail. Camping will be interesting. Got in touch with Jason, he is tenting-up at Weldborough.
Does he know about the Weld Pub October Fest on Saturday night!

Winds are supposed to ease this afternoon.

I didn’t know about the Octoberfest. Might be worth a trip to Weldborough pub Sat night!

We are heading this afternoon saying the whole weekend till about after lunch Sunday. See you all there.

Hi all gunna try to get down there this late arvo but am under the pump a bit so c how i go cheers