SDC2300 for sale

For sale - Minelab sdc2300. About 3 years old, used 3 times, upgraded to lithium batteries (includes 4 sets and 2 chargers) plus original C Cells and charger, includes adapter for standard headphones. Located in Hobart
$3000 - text me on 0418531909 Kerry Donovan


SDC is a really good beginner machine and pretty much might have been custom made for Tassie, with its smaller waterproof coil and the way it folds up to be carried in a backpack.

I hope you get a good offer Kerry, I’d buy it if I didn’t already own one.

SDC2300 has been sold

I just drove from Lton to Hobart and met Kerry and his lovely wife and am now the proud owner of an SDC 2300, very exciting