Slicing up some agate

Hi all,

It’s been a while between trips. Life gets in the way and does its thing. I’ve had a few trips of my own along the way; read a few books and met a few mates.

I scored a tile saw at the auction for 20 bucks.
Then I sat there looking at it for a couple of months.
Knowing I’d seen someone else use something similar, after all it’s just a diamond blade, and the principle is all the same, why not just give it a try, you’ve got plenty of rocks now that you can waste.

So I gave it a taste, got together some of my average Lune River agate, switched on old mate, and after what I turned out that day, my life will never be the same.

I’m getting around to visiting the local Lapidary club to say hi but I’m always a bit awkward and shy about going inside :sweat_smile:

Just looking at working out the best way to do a bit of polishing next :grin:

Just wanted to share a few with you.

Cheers to Leon Lion, Rookie Rockhounding and Kevin Nix on YouTube for guidance, inspiration, ideas and confidence to give it a go.

Hopefully I’ll see some of you again on a field trip soon.



I figured out that I could use my saw as a polishing agent by using flat laps that are relatively inexpensive and some people will even donate some that are no longer needed.
Using the same method I removed the carbide wheels from my grinder and put diamond laps on, dopped the stone and works a treat.

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Nice agates, thanks Neil, and welcome!
Are the first couple from Lune River?



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Thanks Miguel.
These are all Lune River agates :slight_smile:

Welcome Neil,
Thanks for your informative post and nice looking agates! I’m sure the lapidary club would be most welcoming to you, so be brave and say g’day!
Hope to catch you at one of our field trips,

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