Styx river gold and osi?

Last weekend got a couple of nice pans in the Styx might have to go back soon.


I have that place on my list to check, But I’ve seen there are gates to get there?

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LOL I’m not going to give away the spot , but it was no where near the MRT map marked gold area and not gated… and in a legal prospecting zone, surprised the shit out of me as i didn’t think anything would be there.
A couple of mates went fishing and I broke out the pans and pump and went crevicing on a rock bench above the river, maybe 2 full pans in total (probably worked 8 x 1/4 full pans ) we were there only for about an hour mucking about.


Looks like quite a bit more gold than ossie. Interesting.

There are bank receipts for some Maydena locals selling a few ounces of gold at a time in the 1930s and 1940s, and no mention of osmiridium. I always wondered whether they came from Adamsfield (separated from the ossie) or the Styx River / 14-mile Creek area.


Could be one to put on the list for a visit, PMAT trip.

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I’m not sure if it is osmiridium. ?, the coarse silver spec’s were sitting high in the pan with the gold, they must be heavy.

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Yeah, almost certainly osmiridium. It’s usually chunky and much more angular than gold, or in little hexagonal flakes.