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Hi folks,
John from Snug here, thanks for adding me into the forum. I have been keen on the idea of fossicking and prospecting for a couple of years now but have never got my feet wet in the subject yet, just a lot of reading and youtube viewing. My inspiration is my son, who turns 18 this year has started to express an interest. He is autistic and has some other mental health issues, preferring solitary hobbies as a rule. So fossicking will be good for him on two counts getting outdoors and getting him off of the screens.
Now he is keen, we will start getting some gear together and invest in a couple of licenses/permits. I am guessing waders will be good during the colder months (once we are allowed out again).
Can anyone recommend a good place to buy pans and sieves from around Hobart?


Welcome John!

Anaconda often have well-priced panning dishes and sieves, and I’ve seen them around other outdoor shops also. Unfortunately we’re getting into the time of year when it’s a bit unpleasant in the water.

There’s a fair few people here with quite a bit of experience, so ask away if you have any questions.

Allgoods or Mountain Creek


Hi, I’m not sure about gear but I am sure about Aspergers and fossicking. Mine also loves Geo Caching because he has to use the gps coordinates and phone to track it then log in the find etc.
It didn’t hurt to plant the odd old penny for him to find either to create the addiction to stay with it. Have fun


Thanks Miguel, we will be ramping up and getting ready for the warmer weather I think :slight_smile:

Cheers Ron, I gave Allgoods in Hobart a call they seemed to be very helpful.

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Thanks Mel, we went through a Geo Caching phase a few years ago, it was fun, he might be keen to give it ago again. Good idea about seeding the finds with the odd penny :slight_smile: :+1: