Trip to Styx river

Hello everyone,

I am a long time fan of prospecting but finally decided to pull the pin and get the license. The first trip was out to a remote but in the allow prospecting area of the Styx river. Mainly trying to snip and pan but honestly was all a bit overwhelming. Lots of good bedrock with deep cuts but unfortunately no gold. The trip was still worth it though with amazing scenery and great weather. It seems the next trip will need to be out west to find a river more remote and with higher promise of gold. Just wondering if anyone has had any luck in Styx as I have seen a post here showing some good finds. Good luck everyone!!!


Hi Elliott,

I’ve found a few colours above the bridge, but only tiny, and very much not worth the effort.


I’ve had some limited success, further downstream than most would think, seems very hit or miss, about every second or third trip seems to go well, been working tight packed rock crevice’s that have yielded the best results, if you find coarse black circular minerals in the crevice / pan you should get a few specs.

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