Unexpected sapphires

Can sapphires be found pretty much anywhere :thinking: I was out testing a new pan on a mates private property in lilydale and found two tinny litte blues! Nothing special but from what I think I know of the area there would’ve be sapphires but there is which makes the wounded if they’re pretty much anywhere in tassie :thinking:


In the north east of Tas the sapphires originated from basaltic lava flows and there certainly is basalt around Lilydale. I have found a few tiny blue sapphires at Lisle years ago when panning for gold as well, and they were documented by the old timers there and that’s not far from Lilydale at all so its not surprising you found some. There are also sapphires documented in Patersonia rivulet where some small scale gold mining went on, also very close to Lisle.