Updated version TRILOBITE app

Hi guys,
I’ve recently had a productive chat with the maker of Australian Geology Travel Maps which many of you know through the handy Trilobite Solutions app.
In essence, now you can now get tenement info for Tasmania as an free overlay in the app. (Yay!)

There are already comprehensive daily updated overlays for WA and VIC but these come with a modest annual subscription fee.

Although not as convenient as the “all in one” subscription version, the free TAS tenement info can be downloaded under the “manage subscriptions” tab and will appear on the map screen as a 2nd drop down menu under “layers”.

ML’s and EL’s can then be displayed and queried.

*updated android version is 2.1.7
*need 2GB free RAM on device (to find out just hold finger down on Trilobite Solution text at bottom of map screen)



Go to “Manage Subscriptions” and select TAS data layers

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Then dowload tenement info eg: C1 metallic minerals ML’s

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Then these will appear as new drop menu on map screen

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Then you can check your position relative to lease boundaries, who the tenement holder is, expiry dates etc


That’s awesome, thanks @Drystone!

Good thing to check out while locked down…

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That’s an awesome app, thanks for that installed it onto my phone works great.

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Wow! thanks for this info #Drystone. I used this app while in Wa and found it fantastic. Great to have this added info for Tassie. Cheers Coral