Victoria's Golden Triangle up for World Heritage again!

I sincerely hope these efforts fail. If they don’t, I bet the chances of prospecting in that marvellous area will be shot to heck!
Check out the link. Its all very well explained!

Thanks for this Warren. I read the link and I don’t think the Victorian goldfields are “a masterpiece of human creative genius, or an exceptional example of major stages of the planet’s history”.

The goldfields were a major stage in modern Australian history because it was the gold discoveries that most likely ended convict transportation to Australia.

They didn’t teach it at school but the evidence is there - the 19th century colonial governors tried to keep gold discoveries a secret from the convicts. They probably feared mass escapes. Eventually the Colonial Office in London realized they were transporting their petty criminals to a virtual ‘El Dorado’ of wealth and opportunity still buried in the ground.

Tasmania pre-1850s was very bleak but suddenly a new optimism emerged. It became the birth of a new country.