Weldborough Trip 6 April 2024

Hi everyone,

Our next field trip will be to Weldborough on the weekend of the 6th and 7th of April. We will meet at 9:00 am at the back of the pub. Weldborough Hotel will be roping an area for us, and they have asked that anyone intending to have a pub meal on the Friday or Saturday please book ahead so they know what sort of numbers to expect. If you are planning to book a room rather than camp, please book ahead as they only have a very limited number.

Camping is still free but showers are coin-operated and take $1 and $2 coins, which you will need to bring with you as the pub can’t guarantee they’ll have change.

The creeks in the Weldborough - Derby - Branxholm area are good for sapphires, topaz and zircons, with occasional rarer gems like chrysoberyls. There are a number of potential destinations once we’re there, depending on river levels and on how energetic people are feeling. In the past we have been to Main Creek, the Frome River, and the Weld River at the Moorina fossicking area.

Recommended gear:

  • Waders or wetsuit
  • Shovel and/or bait pump
  • Set of gem sieves
  • Bottles, jars or bags for gems

Getting there

You can get to Weldborough from Launceston or St Helens along the Tasman Highway. Driving times are a little over 4 hours from Hobart, a bit less than 2 hours from Launceston, and about 2h 45m from Devonport. If you’re driving at night, there is often A LOT of wildlife on the road, especially if you drive less-travelled roads like over Mathinna Plains. Trust me, I nearly wrote off my brand-new car one night in 2012 when I hit a wallaby on my way there.


Sounds great Miguel. The Weldborough Hotel is a lovely chilled place to camp and have a beer.
Good gems still being found in the area going by the various forums :smiley:
Happy hunting!


Water levels are fantastic right now, great time to get out there. I picked up this very nice 4.2 carat blue on the weekend in the Weld. Hoping I can make it up for the trip. Cheers


Nice looking stone Ratters!
Is it a subtle parti-colour?
Water is well down, so good access

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Yeah a bit of greenish / yellow which will mostly get cut out. Should get a 1.5ct stone out of it, has great shape for a good return. C-Axis not ideal though, might have to settle for a smaller stone if i want the deep blue.

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Hi, totally new to this. We are coming on 6th April and have friends who would like to join us. Do we need to give numbers to anyone other than to book for dinner with the pub. We have prospecting license and would like to know if it a requirement as our friends do not. Any assistance greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Amanda


I don’t think you need a licence in prospecting areas

Fingers crossed this run of calm, sunny weather continues for another week :crossed_fingers:
Got into a creek yesterday and was rewarded :slightly_smiling_face:
Happy hunting everyone


A nice haul well done :+1:

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Hey everyone, it’s looking like the weather will be turning on Saturday evening. We will have a dry-ish alternative if you want to keep on fossicking and the creeks start to rise.

I’ll be at Weldborough tonight, see you there!


Hi Miguel. We are heading to the field trip on Sunday morning from Hobart. We will be arriving a bit late. Where we can meet the group on Sunday morning? Cheers

Hi Liliane, I’m so sorry we didn’t get to catch up.

Was there still anyone there?