What You Can and Can't Do in 50% of Tasmania

Rob and Levi made some great videos in remote areas of Tasmanian. Unfortunately they also filmed themselves lighting a fire with sticks found nearby and flying a drone without an aircraft license.

Apparently filming for any commercial reason in half of Tasmania is illegal without the correct license.


It’s ironic that the government that wiped-out thylacines now demands a license fee for filming where thylacines were last sighted. But the fee only applies if the video gets enough views to be ‘monetized’. Then it becomes a commercial operation and needs a license from Parks and Wildlife.


Funny how the government wants to be involved in anything that is monetized. Doesn’t matter if it’s a couple of sticks for a campfire or an accommodation complex at Cradle Mountain, if you want to make money in a national park, there’s certain people that have to get a share of the profits.


Looks like a lot of office workers and not many on the ground in parks and reserves.

As well as watching videos to see if anyone is breaking the rules I suggest they make a video longer than 3 minutes telling us what the rules are.

The video could explain what you can and can’t do in the 9 different types of reserves that number over 400.

Maybe they could get a professional to make the video for them? :slight_smile:


Don’t get me started on bureaucrats, kart hit the mark. When the NDIS was announced the first thing I saw was a large sign on a multi storey office block in the city, I thought here we go more jobs for administrators, no money for the the people who need it, years down the track my suspicions have been confirmed. For those who think I’m going off topic, no that’s what this is all about top heavy organisations enforcing petty rules. I live in the Huon shire and am subject to the new building codes, as an owner builder I have spent $35,000 employing university trained ‘experts’ to advise me on stuff that I know more about than they do and we are still in the planning stage. I’ve built twice before drawn my own plans and done the simple engineering, it cost me $350 the first time $500 the second time. This time around for a similar timber framed house, I am yet to employ an engineer the only one I can get is demanding $6500 for work that I could do myself in a day. Like myself and others Rob and Levi [ who I’ve met on the river ] are the victims of insurance companies and their lawyers, and the monetisation of our education system. Sorry I got started


These building codes are everywhere in Tamania now. Soon you will have to build with fire bricks in some areas :slight_smile: Every new house has to be apocalypse-ready :slight_smile:

I watched a video by Rob Parsons on the Ringville ghost town below Monetzuma Falls.

He could film on sections of the walking track controlled by STT but not on sections controlled by Parks and Wildlife. That’s because his filming permit has not been processed yet. These videos are watched mostly from outside Australia, it’s a poor message about Tasmania.

At the moment Tassie Boys Prospecting is filming outside of Tassie.


It does seem odd that these guys do so much for Tasmanian tourism but are being snubbed, by the authorities. On the other hand Gillon Mclachlan comes down here making demands for a new stadium, when we have 2 that AFL games are already being played at, the politicians say yes sir, yes sir, what time do you want to have the state banquet and let me know when you want me to get down on my knees. karl is spot on, Rob and Levi have a huge following outside of Tasmania, and it does send negative messages to their viewers. A point that must be recognised is that the tourism board is not interested in attracting this market they are driven by lobbyists towards the fly in stay at a city hotel and spend a shit load. Back packers and people with their own vehicles and caravans are discouraged, they don’t spend enough, this is reflected in the price of getting on the ferry.