What's your best coin?

I do a lot less coin shooting than I used to, but my best coin is a 1918 sixpence found in the Huon Valley in 2013. Can’t compare with the person who found 9 sovereigns in the same area many years ago (you may have heard this first hand from the finder if you come to PMAT trips), but I’m not very serious about it.

Anyway, here it is!



Have got a few specials in my collection but i think my Sovereign from the beach still takes the cake .! Very poor photo but will try to find a better one and post it here .


That didn’t work ! Will try again tomorrow .

I fixed the photo for you.

Few oldies from the derwent valley.
Forum works well on the phone.
Cheers andrew


Thanks Miguel , better ones coming .

Excellent finds Andrew ! That token is in great nick , the ones i have found are mostly corroded away .

Thanks mate, found around Hamilton, with only 400-500ml of rain a year the coins stay in pretty good nick. Another nice token


Wow Andrew that is in wonderful nick ! Can i see Brisbane on the bottom ? If so it’s a long way from home .!
Below is my one and only sovereign , found it on the beach in Bridport a few years ago .


Nice and shiny!

It never ceases to amaze me how shiny gold (and a lot of silver) coins are when they come out of the ground, after such a long time.

Was covered in black mineral sand which just cracked off with my finger nail . As soon as i saw the first bit of reeded edge …BINGO !

A token in reasonable nick and a toasted one .


Mate that sovereign is fantastic. I recon if i find one ill end up doing a gollum from lord of the rings for a few weeks after. The dease token is brisbane st launceston. Few better pics showing the “golden fleece”


Wow it’s a Lonnie token ! Ripper Find . You would hear me in Hobart if i found one of those here .

Pretty corroded, but a George III farthing was a nice and early coin to find!
A Victorian penny for scale (A penny-farthing!)


Farthings of any age have been impossible to find for me . Would be stoked with a George 111 farthing in any condition . Nice work !

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Some great coins there people, and the tokens are something that has eluded me so far so good to see that they are a possibility here in Tassie. Couple of my favorites, all pretty crusty round here.



I only have a couple of 19th Century pennies, both worn almost flat. Love the Gothic florin!

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Gday Dave , good to see you came over from the deceased forum . Excellent Goth , and that crown [ half?] was really showing off ! Hope your hitting the beaches there , sand has been on the run here and i have been slaying the coins .

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Yes, a gothic florin is on the “must find” list!