2022 AGM and Field Trip to Back Creek

Hi everyone,

Ron Gregory has kindly invited us to host our AGM on his lease in Back Creek, on Saturday the 12th of March 2022. Our AGM will begin at 9:00, followed by a day of fossicking. Memberships are due at the start of the year, so this is your best chance to make yourself current. Please mind that there is very littel phone reception at Back Creek, so it will be cash only.

We will be having a raffle and activities similar to April of last year. We will have buckets of wash guaranteed to have gold. Due to some objections from MRT, wash will be made up with gold that the association has purchased, so there will be a minimum known amount in each measure of dirt.

Back Creek contains shallow historical workings and is a good location for detecting small nuggets, and a few nuggets and specimens have been found in recent times, up to close to an ounce. PMAT has been there a few times, and every time people have detected gold. There is also a large pond for panning, or in case you want to bring your highbanker.

The main meeting place will be the historic shacks on Ringswandls Road (off Back Creek Rd).

The area has a lot of historical mining works, including open-cuts, pits, trenches and shafts. If you’ll be joining us. Please be aware of where you step and understand that you enter at your own risk.


Most of you probably know how to get to the lease. For those of you who don’t, the lease is on Back Creek Road, which starts behind the Pipers River shop (on Bridport Road). We will meet at the area of 1930s shacks on Ringsgwandls Rd .

In the map above, this is where the road crosses a creek marked ‘Spring Creek’, just to the NW of a pond.


Ron has invited members who want to to camp at the lease on Friday and Saturday nights. A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • No arrivals before 1:00 pm on Friday unless by prior arrangement with Ron
  • No-one to remain on site past midday on Monday unless by prior arrangement with Ron
  • There is no potable water on site, so please bring your own
  • There is now a flushing toilet and water for washing (non-potable)


As we’ll be working inside a current mining lease, there are some conditions to attending, please read these carefully:

  • All attendees will need to fill in a sign-in sheet on arrival, and sign out at the end of the trip.
  • All attendees will have to complete an indemnity form on arrival, acknowledging the risks of accessing an area of current and historical mining works, and absolving the leaseholders of liability
  • All gold found is to be reported to Ron, as royalties have to be paid. Pieces under 5 g are yours to keep, but any pieces over 5 g will involve negotiating the portion of their weight over 5 g (whether by selling them to Ron or paying a proportion of the weight over 5 g to keep them). Ron will explain the detail on the day.
  • The area contains abundant mining heritage. Please be respectful of this and of any lease property.
  • Any areas of current workings are off-limits. There will be some areas taped off. Please respect these when on site.

See you all there!!!



G’Day All
Vacation by midday Monday, not Sunday.



Thanks Ron,

I’ll update the invite.


Hi Miguel,
Unfortunately I can’t make it. Sounds like an awesome weekend…looking forward to the next one that’s for sure.
As I’m new to the group and would really like to be a paying member. Is there another way I can pay my membership fee?
My number is 0482 954 837 if you wish to contact me directly
Cheers and happy prospecting

No worries @PDuce, just join up when you come to a trip. We don’t stress too much about when people pay their dues and we prefer for people to pay in person so we can write you a receipt there and then, otherwise it becomes hard to track who’s paid up and who hasn’t.

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Okay thanks mate,

I look forward to the next field trip.

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strong textAGM
Hi Miguel,
I would like to donate a Tasmanian timber cutting board for the raffle. I’ll bring it on the day.

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Thanks Ray,

You’re very welcome. If anyone has raffle donations please get in touch te let us know.


Hi all…we gunna have caps stubby holders pay dirt bags stickers aswell as the famous raffle which includes gold nuggets pans sluices scoops snuffy bottle 2 easy kindling bags chopping board an what ever else is donated …a big thanks to everyone who’s donated so far


Thanks for the invite would really love to come but unfortunately I have other commitments on that weekend,
Do you have a price of the raffle tickets? pay dirt? And hats etc?

hopefully I’ll be free for the next trip and ill fix up my membership then

Good luck to every one who attends


Prices… caps$25…stubby holders$10…stickers$5…membership$35 family ,$20 single,raffle 1 ticket $5 or 3 for $10… pay dirt bags with a guaranteed .2 of a gram$25 think thats got it covered


Just letting everyone no … we will have a WORKING three headed stamper crushing Rock **so if u got a rock to crush bring him along ,woohoo gunna sound like a proper gold field​:grin::grin::grin:


Now THAT’s interesting!!!

I have a few specimens from WA with strong detector signals but no visible gold. I might breing them along!


Hello Everyone,
My husband and I would love to go to Back Creek. However we need some direction how to pay the membership and confirm we can attend and camp Back creek.
Looking forward to meeting everyone !
Sal and Dan


Come along on the day and pay your membership on the day :wink: :grin:

Thank you Slydog,
How much is the Membership, so we can be prepared.

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$35 for a family membership or $20 for single person membership :grin:

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Hi all ,this will be our agm so if anyone wants to be on the committee ,pls put your hand up,an if theres any issue’s you would like brought up pls yell out ELs seem to be one an getting permission to access them etc etc, an is there a better way with handling membership renewals ,whats people’s thoughts on what to do with the club money we r slowy increasing our bank balance , a bit over $5000 now , our own EL maybe but you would want at least 10 grand , any feed back would be great or catch up an have a chat at back ck ,cheers


Hi can we turn up after 9 and who do we see when we arrive

Hi @Matty, sorry we missed your post before heading out!

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