A Few Recent Finds

Not sure what this freaky little fellow was.

Victoria half penny that looks like it was struck with a dented die.

This one can’t have been in circulation long.

Even managed a couple of threepences with the SDC.


Nice to find old coins in such good condition. I found this 1900 penny this week.


Here’s some of my recent finds with the Nox 800. They include a Queen Vic shilling - worn almost smooth with no discernable date, a 1910 Ed 7th sixpence fairly toasted condition, an 1898 threepence and a USA Lincoln cent plus other assorted Aussie predecimals and decimal coins.

 Cheers, Fox ![20200924_095157|690x388](upload://nUkwJHjIhN9J6JcdRjaQw31pukr.jpeg)
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My photo doesn’t seem to have uploaded. Will try again


Good lot of silver there . The Lincoln cent is an unusual find .

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Nice lot of coins. I ran into a guy out in the bush who knows you and Curt.
He showed me some incredible finds on his mobile.

You have started a guessing game Karl ! And at this stage you have me beat .

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Was he American? I know a nice yank who detects around this area.

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Sorry about the guessing game. He’s an Aussie, tall with a white ute. Not a PMAT member. He found a gold box with a blue cameo face on it with human ashes inside. I think it was found in the Lefroy area.

White ute with a canopy ? Detects with his daughter . I have forgotten his name . I suggested they join our group . I think that if i made a find like that i would take some photos , then dig a hole deep enough to defeat a P.I. machine and rebury it . While i do not believe in afterlife , karma or anything like that , why tempt fate , and let the poor bugger lie in peace .
It’s bad enough that i found a locket at Lefroy with some newspaper in it and a coil of human hair . I feel a bit funny about that hair that came from somebody that has long passed away .

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