Field Trip to Cradle & Tobacco Creeks 30 November 2019

Hi Everyone,

Due to the Moina trip having to be cancelled, the 30 November trip will be to Cradle and Tobacco Creeks, in Golconda, north of Lisle, from 9 am onwards.

The rush to Cradle Creek, near the time that the Lisle goldfield was discovered, produced over 2,000 ounces of gold. The Cradle Creek diggings are mostly dry (I’ve never seen the creek run) and suitable for detecting, whereas Tobacco Creek usually has enough water to pan, and for a very small sluice.

Getting there

We will meet at the three-way road-junction near the junction of Cradle Ck and Tobacco Ck. To get there, from the Lilydale Road (B 81) turn south onto Virginia Road at Golconda. Drive southwards towards Lisle for about 3 km and you’ll come to a cross junction with roads coming off to the east and west. Turn east onto the road to Cradle Creek and the three-way-junction is approximately 900m further on.

Have a look at the map I’ve added above.

You can also find it using Google Maps, or if you use what3words, you can find it at forbid.meant.faithfully.


Thanks Miguel,
shame about Moina but looking forward to Cradle Ck: as I haven’t been there yet.
Any comment on likely terrain, scrub etc?
See you all there on the 30th!

It’s been a long time since I went (I didn’t own a metal detector yet, so I panned), but my recollection is that it was fairly open around Cradle Creek.

Tobacco Creek had a few blackberries and such around it but it wasn’t too hard to access the creek bed.

Keep in mind we’re talking 6 or 7 years ago.

I was up there last weekend. Didn’t check out cradle creek but tobacco creek is fairly easy to access and just flowing enough to run a mini 6" sluice. Got one match head size bit and a bit of flour gold.


There is better gold around, hopefully we hit on it. One trip I got a gram or so from a nice dip in bedrock.

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Should have said that I didn’t try real hard. About 4 buckets of classified gravel from a pretty average area not on bedrock. Take some mozzie repellant if you want to spend time in the creek too.

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Disappointing that the Moina trip is not going ahead as Moina is on my door step. I will how ever try and get to new location

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It is a shame, maybe another time we’ll be allowed maybe?

Is anyone heading up Friday sometime who would like to meet up at Golconda then head to camping spot?
Also what is the road like will a little front wheel drive go ok or do I have to get something bigger?

Should be right if you take it slow but not sure where people are going to camp. Most of the logging roads are steep and winding but in good condition.


Is there any camping area available close by
Cheers Nigel

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Hi everyone,

  • Camping: I have no idea, which is why I didn’t put details in the invite, sorry. Some people camped at Lisle in the 2017 AGM, at the cross-roads, but it wasn’t all that pleasant with the burnt-out car bodies. If you go there, please make sure you stay out of the lease. There is camping at Myrtle Bank (paid), but it’s a bit far with not-great roads between it and Lisle. There might be space around Cradle Creek to camp, it’s been a long time since I’ve been there.

  • Future trip to Moina: I cannot say, sorry. I wouldn’t count on it. Whoever the new owners of the tenements are, they don’t seem interested in having prospectors poking around.


Can we not camp in the clearing right next to the meeting spot.

If there is still a clearing there. I think that satellite picture might be a few years old.

I guest we’ll have to have a look then, I’m heading up on Friday during the day so should be able to find a camp spot there.

It’s only half an hours drive away for me so i will nip out there in the morning and see if there is any area to camp . Will let you know tomorrow arvo .


Thanks mate, that would be really useful. I’m doing field work in Triabunna all week.

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Bugger was keen for moina nice and close to home and to sign up to the group

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My apologies all , circumstances got in the way today but i promise to be up there for a look tomorrow morning .

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Ok , for those that don’t know the area . Follow B81 from Lilydale , turn right at the large painted Golconda sign and follow Virginia Rd for 4 km . Turn left at Lone Star link Rd . This turn is easily missed , look for the sign in pic below .

About 900m on you come to the 3 way junction and a 100m on to the creek and paddocks . There is limited parking parking in this area and a couple of spots that can be camped on on either side of the road . Depending on how friendly everybody is , there probably 2 camps on the right and maybe 4 - 5 on the left . The whole area looks to be great for snakes .

The roads are ok for 2wd vehicles but watch out for fallen logs at the road edge .
My preferred route to the meeting point is to turn left from Virginia Rd 2.7km after the Golconda sign at an unsigned but superior road . The turn in pic below .

Follow this road staying on the grey blue metal type surface for 2km and you will meet the cross roads meeting point . On the left 250m before the meet point there is a clear landing of about 40 x 15 m which is clean and flat . Probably would get about 8 camps here if people sqeeze up a bit .

Take it very easy on Virginia Rd as some corners are fairly narrow with log trucks and B double gravel trucks using it today . They may not be working on the weekend but don’t count on it . Will drop in on Sat and hope to see some yellow , good luck all .