GPX 6000 anyone had any luck?

Just curious to know does anyone have any experience here in Tassie with a GPX 6000? I would have thought they would be well suited to tassie on the sub gram smallish gold that is mainly found here. I have heard they can be a bit more noisy than the older GPX machines. Wondering if it’s time to sell the 5000 in and go for a 6000. Don’t reckon I can convince the misses to let me have both machines.


Absolute dynamite, been out twice now to sum old patches that had been tottally flogged by good operator’s ,an picked up gold …will put pics up later , ive found mine very quiet an run it in silent


What Andrew said! The only downside is that you can recover all the shotgun pellets and flakes of rust that the other guys miss. :joy:
Otherwise it’s good at going over old flogged ground and still gold.