Heazlewood river

Hi ,Ron gregory has kindly invited PMAT members to help at a works program near the heazlewood river bridge, which involves a excavator digging to bedrock an sluiceing panning detecting etc the materials an see,s what turns up possibly , gold,ozzie…sapphires,this is a pretty exciting stuff ,to see what turns up,rough dates so far are 11th 12th march,more details to come, an it will be talked about at bk ck Regards andrew


I was thinking of heading down that way for a week around that time. more than happy to help where ever needed :ok_hand::+1:

What sort of help are thinking that would be required

I will put my hand up for sure but will give definite answer closer to the date :smiley::ok_hand:

Hi Team,
I’ve had a little look on google maps at the area. Can’t find the Heazlewood Bridge?
Thanks in advance

It’s the bridge over the Heazlewood River on the Waratah to Corinna Road, between Luina and Savage River mine.


So the dates for heazlewood are 10 ,11 12,13th of march ,its long weekend, the work site is the waratah side of the bridge on the left, there will be caravans there plus a 20 ton excavator


Hi all, camping sites at the Heazlewood bridge are fairly limited and access tight for caravans, but just 10 minutes back up the road towards Waratah is the old townsite of Luina which has ample space for caravans etc. Just bring your own supplies of drinking water and firewood.
Luina has phone reception too.

     Cheers, Fox.

Hi all,few things for the heazlewood, catch up with ron on arrival to sign in, all finds to be weighed an photographed by ron ,pls be aware this is a work site an a private works program,i reckon mozzies be bad as well as march flys,possibles for finds is gold sapphires an ossimidrum, was a town ship there so worth a look for relics an bottles , the hills are quiet bare due to a fire, few years back , fishing in the river, an can legally go sniping in the river , camping will be tight at heazlewood , u got luina, an roaring mag ck aswell to find a camp site, hopefully we will have a porter loo avaible at heazlewood , this is ole school prospecting an very rare to see ,its a bucket list event an a bit exciting, but be aware nothing might turn up, we are useing a 20 ton excavator, so pls clear out when machine is in use ,phone reception is there,an its a very pretty spot regards ANDREW 0400623451


Keen to come, not sure what help I will be, but love to be a part of it anyway.

I assume it’s 3.6 km west of Hazelwood. There is a bridge over the Hazelwood river

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Hi its at the waratah side of the main bridge going over the heazel wood, 20 mtrs before the bridge, hang a right

Sorry all ,left before the bridge

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I will be there with caravan in tow, leaving Friday am from Grindelwald, providing weather does not blow up. Will camp at Luina.

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G’day all, if camping at the Luina town site, please be aware that there are TWO lots of bee hives sitting there, most likely a fair bit apart. From own bee keeping experience the leatherwood tends to make them a bit agro if coming close to the hives.
See you there


Hope to be in Luina mid afternoon. Towing the van from Dodges Ferry. Many others planning on camping there? I haven’t been to the old town before but assuming there is lots of spots to park up for a few days.


Go to the last turn on the left. Plenty of space and private


How is everyone going at Heazlewood river
Today ?
What are you finding?

Hi, had an amazing time, found Gold, Osmeridium, jasper, pyrite, galena, maybe metallic zinc, still to test it, peacock ore. Unfortunately not enough gold for Ron to make a decision on mining yet. But they ran a fantastic event.


Very sorry I couldn’t make it along to this, would love to see some photos of the day though if anyone took some?

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