Moorina Fossicking Area raised by the Greens in Parliament

Well, the saga continues.

Cassy O’Connor has raised the issue of the Moorina Fossicking Area in Parliament, and it appears that she’s taken the side of the landowner adjacent to the river downstream of the bridge.

I think we should probably put together a formal response to this. Here’s the speech, from the Greens Website:

Here’s a post we published a little while ago, which is now more current than ever, on Your Rights in the Moorina Area:


This is the article in the North East Advertiser mentioned the landowner as tabled in Parliament:

The explanation for the damage given to some of our members by Sustainable Timber Tasmania included the information that this landowner was on hand personally to oversee and direct the contractor to cause this damage. Seems a bit odd for him to complain of environmental damage in the river.

Also remember that, contrary to what both the landowner and the Greens are saying, it is YOUR RIGHT to fossick elsewhere in the area, if you hold a prospecting licence.

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I’m pretty new to this, so new in fact that I haven’t actually made a trip out anywhere yet. I was hoping to make a trip up around there as my first outing. Reading what’s going on there, it is a bit concerning. I think some sort of formal reply is well warranted given that the greens are now involved. Just my 2c worth.


That fruitcake must be MS Sandra Healey’s other half. I’ll be heading down there this summer to exercise my rights. Sounds like the MRT have been down there and everyone is playing by the rules so it’s just the ramblings of a nutter that somehow got airtime in parliament thanks to a gullible member.

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Tottally agree miguel get a formal letter to them sooner than later the greens luv this sort of rubbish


I suggest we stay out of it & let it run its course.


RG, can you explain what you see in your mind’s eye? I would like to understand what and who is involved in the “course” of this matter. But we do not shy from fossicking in the area, correct?

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I agree that we should not shy from fossicking in this or any other area.
I just think that MRT & Forestry should be given time to sort out the matter.


I hear there are various processes in motion already and I agree with Ron about staying out of it. My main concern was the fact that the Greens refer to ‘illegal fossicking’ multiple times in their address to Parliament, and this has gone unchallenged by both MRT and the Minister.

This is despite the fact that there is nothing illegal about it. Anyone with a prospecting licence can head down along the river and prospect legally. Not that I’d recommend it given what’s going on.