Weldborough Field Trip April 2023

Hi guys,
The days are getting shorter and soon the rivers will rise, so let’s try for some gem hunting while we can!
I’ve contacted the Weldborough Hotel and at this stage they are fine for us to use the campground either side of Easter, so the question is which dates suit best?

Options are:

Sat/Sun 1st-2nd April
Sat/Sun 15th-16th April

Let us know your preferred dates so we can make it official :slightly_smiling_face:



At this stage I might struggle to make it on the first weekend but should be there for the second.


Hi I went up to Moorina today to check out the Pub and the designated prospecting area with the intent to chase a few sapphires with the caravan in tow when the weather clears. The pub camping area was well occupied with campers. Maybe an option to get the Easter invasion out of way, so the later date might be preferable.

Plenty of roadworks on the Tasman Hwy at present with 40Ks speed restrictions, accessing via Lilydale dodges most of it.


i prefer 15th to 16th april

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I could hopefully get to the weekend after Easter.

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Im up for the 15/16th

15th - 16th would be on my calendar.

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15th - 16th would be great

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Hi all,
I would prefer 15th,16th.
I went yesterday to Moorina area, looks like some permenent squatters in one of the spots and big tents and vehicles on the Moorina camping area. I went back home.


Thanks for the feedback guys: the votes are in, and the weekend of the 15-16th April is the clear winner! :trophy:

I’ll get in touch with affected EL holders for permission, and also flag that date with the Weldborough Hotel.

For anyone who didn’t make the AGM, this is also a good opportunity to renew membership.

Final details will be posted in the coming week, so dust off those sieves and waders, & we’ll see you there!



Awesome. Look forward to it, my daughter and I pulled 10 stones 2 carat plus last week. Half were clear, half duds. Biggest was 4.8 carat… let’s hope there are more out there….


Bugger I will, away in the N.T. by then.:disappointed_relieved:

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Ok, here’s the text that’s gone out in the email:

Our next field trip will be to Weldborough on Saturday 15 April 2023 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.

The meeting place will be at the Weldborough Hotel beer garden at 9:00 am Saturday 15 April. As usual, there is no cost for the trip, but it is only open to members. If you’re interested in joining PMAT, you’re more than welcome to come along and join up on the day.

The Weld River has produced good sapphires and topaz, as well as occasional chrysoberyl over the years, and given recent rainfall should be a good place to spend the day. Other nearby options include Main Creek, Black Creek and the Frome River.

Getting there

Weldborough in on the Tasman Highway between Scottsdale and St Helens. The Weld River Fossicking Area is in Moorina, approximately 15 minutes from Derby and 1 hr from St Helens. Drive into Frome Road opposite the Moorina Golf Club, until you get to the bridge over the Weld River in a few hundred meters. The fossicking area extends upstream a few km from the bridge to the first gorge.

The Weld River Fossicking Area is upstream of the Frome Road bridge in Moorina
The Weld River Fossicking Area is upstream of the Frome Road bridge in Moorina

Where to stay

There is a small camping area at the Weld River Fossicking Area, but the word is that squatters have set up permanent camps in there.

There is a council-run caravan park in Branxholm.

There is free camping at the back of the Weldborough Hotel, with toilet facilities and paid showers. The Hotel serves meals, though if you’d like to eat at the pub, it would be wise to book early: Contact Us - Weldborough Hotel

What to bring

The water may well have started to get noticeably colder, so it would be good to bring either waders or a wetsuit in order to stay warm for extended periods in the water. For fossicking for gemstones, your main tools will be a long-handled shovel and a pair of gem sieves. Other useful bits of gear include panning dishes, scoops, and containers for your gemstones.

Nowadays using a small river sluice is allowed, and Black Creek has a small amount of gold in it, so if you’re planning to head out there, bring your pan or sluice.

Fossicking options

There will likely be people heading to other locations either on the Saturday, or those who stay overnight, on the Sunday. I will be around camping at Weldborough Hotel from Thursday onwards, so if you come early I’d be happy to show you around.

Trip rules

For safety reasons there will be a register on site. Those heading out for the day will be asked to sign out, and indicate where (generally) they headed to. Please sign in again when they return safely so we know not to come looking for you.

If you have any questions, this is the best place to ask!


Hi all, just a reminder to members to ensure they have a current Tasmanian Prospecting Licence :hammer_and_pick: ahead of the field trip!

They are good for 5 years now and allow river sluices to be used: both recent improvements thanks to efforts of PMAT and other voices :+1:

So, if you need one, best head to your nearest Service Tas branch before they shut for Easter :rabbit2:

cheers Andrew


Happy Easter All, it’s gonna be wet, bring your wetsuits, waiters and salt😂
Weldborough Hotel have some rooms available still at todays date. Their website has still not been updated. Their correct phone numbers are:
6354-2449 or 0431 634 393. You can also look them up on FB and send them a message, they respond quickly.
Carl and I are coming and have booked a room.


Well shoot! Looks like we are pulling out.
FYI, Weld got 45 ml in 4 hours a few days ago.

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Forecast for thursday, friday no rain.

Saturday rain late afternoon-evening.

Sunday sounds like a good day to admire your finds from the creek over a hot coffee and something wicked from a bakery!


Hi Crew,
Decided to give this one a miss :frowning: Long way to come if its going to be a wet one.
Catch you on the next adventure.

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Hi guys, I’m still heading up if anyone is keen.

So far it looks like most of the rain is due on Saturday night, so we should be able to get a mostly good day in on Saturday.

Sunday looks like a washout, so I’ll leave either Saturday night or Sunday morning.



Yeah im still keen will get there friday afternoon and leave late Saturday