Upcoming PMAT trips & schedule - suggestions welcome

Hi everyone,

I’ve decided to make a new thread for upcoming trips, since we often know where or when we’re going, but not too many details yet. This way you can save the date in your calendar.

Known schedule so far:

  • AGM & Luina: 2021-02-05T22:00:00Z
  • Back Creek: 2021-04-23T23:00:00Z
  • Gladstone: October, maybe weekend of the 16th/17th to look for Smoky quartz
  • Reece (Pieman) Dam: November, to coincide with the Zeehan Gem Show

Good idea Miguel :+1: get those suggestions coming in

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I’ve updated the schedule with the place we’ll be going to later in the year after discussions at the AGM. No dates yet, sorry.


Hi everyone,

Please note that the date for the Back Creek trip has been pushed forward one week to the 24th of April. I will post details and send out the invites next week.


I don’t think this will work for some as it is the day before Anzac day?

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That’s right, it is, sorry for the late change but our host will be unavailable on the weekend we had previously set.

There will be a dawn service at the venue conducted by Ron on Sunday morning (ANZAC Day).

There will also be some stricter rules upfront regarding indemnity forms and what happens if anyone finds a nugget over 5g in weight, to avoid the confusion that we had the last time around.

Full details to come in the next few days.


Hi Miguel, I take it we can still head up on Friday? the only thing is we have to leave Sat arvo.

Hi all there will be strictly no access to rons before 1oclock on the fri an everyone left by late sun unless u have sorted something with ron cheers


Thank you for that info regarding Friday.

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I’ve posted the Back Creek field trip details earlier today.